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Graceful and effortless, the MOBY Ring Sling is both fashionable and functional. Ring Slings are a beloved traditional babywearing style. From the Mexican rebozo to the Indonesian selendang, parents have used fabric sling-style carriers for thousands of years because they are an elegantly simple way to keep little ones close and comforted next their parents throughout the day.

MOBY’s Ring Sling is crafted from a breezy, breathable double gauze cotton. It is lovely and lightweight, but with the durability and strength to provide years of comfortable carrying. The smoothed metal rings allow for quick and easy adjustment and a customized, comfortable fit. Wear littles ones on the front or on your hip. Bundles compactly to tote in your purse or diaper bag. Whether breastfeeding an infant or toting your toddler, you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice to slip on your sling and start snuggling.

    The perfect blend of fashion and function. Our light and lovely double gauze fabric is as airy as a cloud and soft as a muslin blanket. The 100% cotton weave is strong, durable, and easy to clean. Consciously crafted for our ring slings to provide just the right mix of breathability, softness, and support.

    Our award-winning MOBY Ring Sling: the perfect combination of support, simplicity, and style.

    • Intended for babies from 8.36 to 14.97kgs
    • Can be used in front or hip carry positions.
    • MOBY Ring Slings are 214cm long from end to end.
    • MOBY Ring Slings are size inclusive and intended for parents of most sizes and heights.

    Care and cleaning:

    • Machine wash your ring sling with gentle detergent using cold water and the gentle or delicate cycle.
    • We suggest placing the ring sling in a pillow case or mesh laundry bag to protect the rings. Hang dry or use the lowest dryer setting.