Frequently Asked Questions

What age range/weight can a Moby carrier hold?

Moby wraps can hold babies up to 15.9kgs (35lbs) which is typically a 3 year old child.

I am a plus-size mum. Will Moby Wrap fit me?

Yes it will. The Moby Wrap is 5.5 meters long and will fit larger Mums and Dads as well. When wrapping, you would simply tie a knot at your back.

What are the washing instructions for my Moby Wraps?

The Moby wrap is easy to clean. Pre-washing before first use is recommended. You can machine wash your Moby Wrap in cold water and air-dry or tumble dry on low. Your Moby wrap may shrink slightly in the dryer, but will stretch out again after being worn. Washing instructions are located on the back of the Moby tag sewn into your Moby Wrap. 

I washed my Moby Wrap according to the washing instructions and it shrank. Is that normal?

It is perfectly normal for your Moby Wrap to experience slight shrinkage since it is made from 100% cotton. We have designed our Moby Wraps with extra length built into accommodate for the first wash shrinkage. If you are unable to bring the ends back to the front, try tying the wrap in the back; Moby Wraps are designed to be tied either at the wearer’s front or back – both are equally safe and comfortable.

My baby weighs less than 3.6kgs (8lb) is it okay to use a Moby Wrap?

According to the ASTM standards, wrap and sling style baby carriers are required to be labeled with a minimum starting weight of 3.6kg (8lbs). For babies under this weight, please check with your healthcare provider to get the okay before using a Moby Wrap. Many hospitals use Moby Wraps in their NICUs and Moby wraps have been beneficial for families practicing skin to skin contact with their premature babies. For low birth weight babies and preemies it is especially important to be vigilant about checking babies positioning and paying close attention to baby’s breathing and sounds. No matter baby’s size, make sure baby is always visible and kissable with no fabric covering baby’s face. 

I live in a very warm climate. Can I use a Moby Wrap?

Yes, you can. The wrap is made of 100% cotton and the natural fabric breathes keeping you cool in warmer climates. Wearing a baby in any carrier will create extra heat, so we recommend dressing yourself and your baby lightly and keeping exposure to high temperatures to a minimum whenever possible.  Go with a lighter coloured wrap or the Moby Flex Wrap, which has been designed with a more breathable mesh fabric.  

What are the differences between Moby Wrap Carriers and other carriers?

There are many different baby carriers on the market today: front packs, slings, wraps, mei tai’s and many more. The big difference between slings and wraps is that a wrap uses both shoulders, as well as your back, to distribute the weight of your baby. Slings are worn diagonally across just one shoulder placing the weight of the baby on that one shoulder. Some front packs have narrow straps, buckles, or rings, which can cause discomfort or can bend/break.

There are several wraps available with a variety of special features; stretchy vs. non-stretchy, cotton vs. cotton lycra blend, solids vs. patterns, basic vs. embellished, expensive vs. economical, square vs. tapered ends, etc. Moby’s advice is to look at the features that are most important to you and choose your baby carrier accordingly. The Moby wrap is made of 100% soft cotton. The edges are tapered, making it easy to tie. 

How does the UV protected Moby Wrap work?

The Almond Blossom fabric is treated with Rayosan™ process by Clariant. This technology increases the sun protection factor (SPF) without changing the appearance, handle or breathability of the fabric. You can imagine how excited Moby are to have this technology be a part of the Moby Wrap fabric, which offers another layer of protection for baby’s sensitive skin, especially before the age recommended for sunscreen use. 

What are the working conditions in Thailand where your product is manufactured?

From 2004 until 2006, the founders of Moby Wrap and their family lived in Thailand where they set up a Thai corporation that manufactures the entire line of Moby Wrap products. They found a Traditional Thai home in Chiang Mai and converted it into the Moby manufacturing facility. The salaried staff received great pay, both yearly and production based bonuses, health care and warm, friendly work atmosphere. Recently, Moby Wrap production has increased beyond the size of the traditional Thai home. The factory has moved across town, in a former textile factory. Most of the original staff is still with us, as well as several new hires.