Breastfeeding & Babywearing

From immunity boosts and brain development to increased bonding and faster post-partum healing, breastfeeding offers many benefits to both mothers and babies. With these in mind, we designed our wraps to coordinate with breastfeeding, providing multiple options for positioning and enjoying the closeness of this special time.


Upright Position

Many mothers find success nursing baby upright in the MOBY Wrap, using either the Newborn Hug Hold or the Hug Hold positions. Both are simple, easy approaches that are ideal for babies who have adapted to latching on in a vertical position. When using a MOBY Wrap while breastfeeding, we recommend that mothers use their arms to support baby, and after the feeding, always move baby’s face away from the breast and re-position upright.


Horizontal Position

For mothers and babies who prefer to breastfeed in a horizontal position, for safety, we recommend taking baby out of the MOBY Wrap to nurse. The MOBY Wrap can be left on mom, and once baby has finished feeding, they can easily be placed back in the wrap, in an upright position.

As a bonus, the MOBY Wrap has the added benefit of being a discreet, convenient nursing cover for breastfeeding anytime, anywhere.


Breastfeeding Tips


1. Prepare in Advance

Treat breastfeeding like planning a wedding, or interviewing for a job. Enlist the support of your spouse- take a class, join or create a support group, and interview lactation consultants just in case. It’s worth the extra effort to prepare. The benefits of breastfeeding last a lifetime!


2. Get Inspired

Talk to a friend or relative who enjoyed breastfeeding, or read up on celebrity moms and everyday role models. Ask questions, gather tips and tricks, or scope out spots to nurse outside of the house. The more info you have, the more confident you’ll feel. Psych yourself up. You can do it!


3. Have a Game Plan

In case you encounter any bumps along the way, find local resources to help. Get a few experts in your corner, like your ob-gyn, pediatrician, lactation consultants, and some trusted friends. 95% of problems encountered can be easily solved with the right help.


Video Demonstration

We love this video by Sarah Harding on our Youtube Channel, where she demonstrates how to breastfeed a baby without undoing your wrap. Check it out and try it for yourself!