Bump & Beyond T-Shirt Wrap

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Designed for both pregnancy and motherhood, the Bump & Beyond T-Shirt Wrap provides stylish support and comfort to 2nd- and 3rd-trimester pregnant bellies and aching backs, and transitions to an easy-to-wear T-shirt Wrap that keeps newborns close well into their 4th trimester.

Simple to slip on over-the-head or step into, the Bump & Beyond T-shirt Wrap is soft and stretchy, with an ergonomic design that improves posture and can carry babies up to 9kgs (19.8 lbs). Its versatile, dual function cleverly provides support for pregnant mothers and offers valuable skin-to-skin care that is crucial to baby’s development in their first months.

PLEASE NOTE: Chart below is in NZ sizing. If you do purchase this product, the box will display a size chart in American sizing – please disregard this.


  • From bump to baby, designed to support pregnant mothers and carry babies when they arrive up to 9kgs (19.8 lbs)
  • Soft, stretchy, and comfortable T-shirt
  • Simple to slip on
  • Ergonomic design provides back and belly support while pregnant
  • Nursing-friendly
  • Textile contains spandex for stretch during pregnancy and post-partum compression
  • Fabric: 57% Cotton, 38% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Use as babywearing shirt for newborns to up to babies to 9kgs (19.8 lbs)
  • Back-tie for extra support when carrying baby
  • Helps baby adjust to 4th trimester
  • Promotes Skin-to-Skin care
  • Provides proper positioning for baby at every stage
  • Respects the C-shape of newborns
  • Acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) as a “hip-healthy” product for babies
  • Breathable fabric helps regulate baby’s temperature
  • Plus-size available
  • Offers hands-free convenience once baby arrives
  • Encourages bonding between parent and baby
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Machine Washable